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Box Etiquette

Be on Time, Listen up.

We cover a lot in class and utilize every minute. No, we won’t lock the doors five minutes after class starts; however, if you’re late, please assimilate into class by mimicking what you see going on! Please listen when coach addresses the group. We’re all here to get better and ask that everyone pay attention during workout briefs, group coaching, and movement instruction. This means no changing plates, talking, moving equipment, etc.

Check Your Ego at the Door

Please check your ego at the door. You’re going to be first in workouts – and last. The coaches are going to take weight off your bar and tell you to go heavier. We care just as much about how well you move as how fast you go in the workout. The coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future – trust us, we have your best interest in mind.

Introduce Yourself

Please introduce yourself to newbies (or someone you don’t recognize). Remember when you were the new guy or gal? A friendly introduction goes a long way.

Take Care of Your Plates.

Always use clips to secure plates to your barbell, and make sure they’re nice and snug. This is for safety and to prolong the life of the weight plates. While we’re here, never drop a barbell with 10lb bumper plates from the overhead position.

Treat Empty Barbells Like They Were Your Baby

Would you drop your baby from three feet above the ground? We certainly hope not. We use an empty barbell a lot in class for drill and form work. When putting the barbell down, gently place it on the ground with the utmost care and admiration for the fine piece of equipment that is a barbell. When storing it back, please don’t drop it in the holder. Guide it down in the holder slowly to help prolong the life of the barbell.

Check Your Surroundings and Stick to Your Equipment

The box is not your oyster; it’s many people’s oyster. If you set up on one pull-up bar, don’t take someone else’s bar just because they’re not there. If your wallball is further away from the rest of your equipment than you would like, well then, run to the wallball, don’t use someone else’s just because it’s closer.

Get It Out, Put It Back

You have to clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to get out and put away your equipment, count your reps, mop up your sweat/chalk, and clean off your bars. Please put equipment (including KBs, DBs, and boxes) back where you found it. Rowers should be stored with the handle all the way to the chain entry and the display tucked nicely away.

Clean Off Your Bars

It’s entirely possible that at some point in your CrossFit career you may bleed on a pull-up bar or barbell. Please, please clean off your bar with the spray disinfectant. If you tape your pull-up bar, please remove it after the WOD.

Leave No Trace

Hmmm… I see a theme here. Please double-check to make sure you have all of your belongings before leaving the box. The Lost & Found by the front door will be purged at the end of every month. Please recycle, but only cans, plastic bottles/cups, newspaper, and cardboard. Everything else please dispose of in the trash can.

Chalk Usage

Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Yes, you’ll have to walk all the way to the chalk bucket to dust your hands. While some people believe that chalk is the magic fairy dust of CrossFit performance, the fact of the matter is that a light dusting of your hands is all you need.

Children at the Box

Children are welcome to come to the box with Mom or Dad and play quietly in the front room (kids area). They are not allowed at any point to come onto the shop floor or training area (playpens near the desk are the exception). Sure we like kids; however, the safety of the children and quality of the athletes’ training environment demands this arrangement.

Go the Distance

Every athlete pushes them self differently. Keep going! Talk to the coaches, communicate with us when you’re on the verge or feeling defeated, we can help. The human body is capable of more than you can comprehend; challenge it accordingly.

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