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New WODs On The Block Competition @ CrossFit West Lafayette



The Competition: Scaled Teams of 3 (Same Sex)

Many scaled competitions have too many people in the final WOD that don’t belong there. Scaled competitions that have men power cleaning 275 pounds, while the true scaled athletes have to sit on the sidelines and watch the finals.

No More!!! Finally a scaled competition that is balanced in both strength and conditioning, but also breaks athletes out into Gold and Silver brackets for the Final.

All teams will participate in 3 WODs and 1 Floater WOD. Then the results will be uploaded into scoring and two divisions will be born.  For example, 20 female teams compete, they will be broken into Gold and Silver Divisions and the top 5 teams from each division will compete in the final.

Date: 26 August,2017
Time: 08:00 am – 04:00 pm
Location: CrossFit West Lafayette

Check in at your selected facility 8 am local time, event starts 9am

  • Heat schedule will be provided at check in
  • Athletes that register before August 11 will receive a free t shirt
  • Vendors, food options subject to availability from each host

Please come out and support your community and these newer athletes.  You will witness an exciting event and these athletes need everyone’s support!

All WODs are in a “you go, I go” format, meaning- the first athlete must complete a full round of
the AMRAP before tagging in the second athlete. That athlete must complete a full round of the AMRAP before tagging in the third athlete, and so on.