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In January 2013, I stumbled casually into CFWL just to see what all the CrossFit hype was about. In grad school at the time, I had recently accomplished my goal of running two full marathons and multiple half marathons, but running just didn’t seem to fulfill me anymore. Running the l
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I joined CrossFit West Lafayette one year ago, and I have not regretted the decision for one second. When I joined, I was at the 200-pound mark on the scale and knew that change needed to happen very soon. The feeling of dread was outweighing the hope I regained after hearing about Cr
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And I thought I was in shape. I did. I thought I was. I was pretty sure that my 170-pound, limited-muscle-tone self was where I was destined to be. I chalked it up to my age, my stressful job … blah, blah, blah … because I was working out, like crazy. Here was my week: Sunday – cycle
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Despite spending my entire career in athletics and being an avid sports fan, physical fitness really has not been a high priority in my life. Unless you count tossing around the baseball – and pitching batting practice to my sons’ teams – or playing ping pong. And I have been a regula
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It’s 2008, my husband Chad comes home from SWAT practice and tells me he did some CrossFit workout and almost died. I didn’t know what CrossFit was, and I didn’t really care. All I knew about CrossFit is that Chad worked out all of the time, calling his workouts by name, Fran, Isabell
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I’ll start my spotlight narrative back in 2008… A time of big unknowns for me. I was 22 and graduating with a BS from Purdue University while the economy was tanking. With my degree in Construction Management hot off the presses, I didn’t have the typical option of either moving to In
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