What are the benefits of joining a community-based fitness gym?

First and foremost, CrossFit West Lafayette offers the best value for your money, compared to any other type of gym. The primary reason is that we are locally owned and operated, and the goal of the members of our community-based gym is to provide help, support, and encouragement for each other. You’ll find the environment more welcoming and less intimidating.

Further, you’re getting your workouts programmed and lead by a certified coach and expert on a daily basis. Rather than walking into this gym without a plan, we’ve already written one for you and will lead you through it with the group each day!

At the end of each workout, you’ll receive a unique report card that tracks your progress. We also take snapshots of your workout every day and store them in our system. This is nice because it allows you to compare your progression from week to week so that you know when you’re making gains, and when your body may require some recovery.

A community-based group fitness gym is also better for your health than being at home physically inactive. There are many studies that have shown that individuals who exercise with others and share their thoughts are less lonely and suffer from depression less which has a direct link to physical health.

When it comes to making your lifestyle shift, you’re going to be in a group of people that are on the exact same page as you. You’ll get accountability from other members are also West Lafayette locals (who also want and need to make progress!). It’s a fun, social atmosphere where everyone is striving for the same goals!

Finally, another benefit of joining a local community-based group fitness gym is that it will help you stay in shape for anything since you’re getting a variety of new workouts regularly and constantly bettering yourself!

Through our experience of working with thousands of West Lafayette locals at CrossFit West Lafayette over many years now, there are some other benefits too! You’ll find yourself going to the gym more often, you’ll feel better about yourself and your confidence will grow. This all typically leads to weight loss or a healthier lifestyle overall!

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions on how we can help you make a lifestyle shift! I hope this article was helpful in encouraging you to get involved with our group fitness classes.

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Sarah is a shining light at CFWL. She’s been CrossFitting since 2014 and loves helping people become the best version of themselves.

Sarah is a shining light at CFWL. She’s been CrossFitting since 2014 and has quite a story. Here’s an excerpt:

“…I believe that it all starts with making your health a priority… And nothing gives me more joy than helping other people find and accept that truth.

It’s why I love to coach, especially women and moms that have lost their identity throughout the years. I get more joy out of coaching a PR [personal record] or having some cue that I gave stick than my own PR’s. I am constantly evolving, and it’s what I love most about CrossFit. You have to constantly adjust your definition of ‘best version of yourself.’ You have never arrived. The joy is most definitely in the journey.”


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer



Allen was born and raised in West Lafayette and attended West Lafayette High School.  He played multiple sports in high school and continued his athletic career at Vincennes University as a pitcher in baseball.  After transferring to and graduating from IUPUI with his Criminal Justice Degree, he started working in 2004 as a Police Officer at Purdue University.  He currently is working as a Lieutenant of Training Operations, which entails overseeing all police instructors and recruitment and creating general training programs for officers and civilians.

He has always been one of the lucky few who’s favorite pastime is working out, especially weight lifting.  Because he missed the competitive aspect of athletics, he trained for powerlifting and then competed in amateur Strongman competitions prior to finding CrossFit.  He previously held a Strength and Conditioning Certification through the International Sports Sciences Association and was certified as a personal trainer, training one-on-one’s in the past.  He’s also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Allen enjoys strength-related movements such as the olympic and powerlifts.  He loves to help people with technique regarding these types of lifts and to push people to do what they believe they cannot do.  You may catch him complaining about metcons but he’s realized in the past few months by focusing on this, it’s actually quite beneficial!  He loves high energy classes and you may find him being his boisterous (and sometimes obnoxious) self!  He’s most excited to connect with members and to help each person achieve his/her fitness goals!


CrossFit Level 1


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