Food: ‘Paleo Diet’


The “Paleo Diet” is a reference to the Paleolithic Period commonly thought of as the period of the caveman; when the earliest of our ancestors lived.  Although our model does not cover exactly what was available during this period the reference provides a clear mental image of our goal; to eat naturally and be healthy.  By eating like a caveman and exercising like a caveman (CrossFit), we mimic the environment surrounding our evolutionary roots.  Returning to foods that surrounded our intellectual and physical development enables our minds and bodies to function as designed.

The last 100 years of human history have brought more changes to the substance of our food than the previous 100,000.  The CrossFit Community, and others, have found that when we eat Paleo we have less disease and better performance.  We simply feel better!  Food can be something to be celebrated, but at the end of the day, it is fuel that allows us to survive until we have the need to eat again.  Leave it to the modern human to over complicate the issue by trying to justify the wants (sugar) with the needs (nutrients).

We look to provide our community with basic food education, resources, and encouragement to improve eating habits and quality of life. 

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